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Lg Soundbar

The Lg sound bar wireless speaker kit contains two Lg sound bar sound bars that can be attached to a wall or bookshelf to create a multimedia enclosure, the units have built-in stereo speakers and a microphone for making calls or chatting. The have set up a web page for the kit to purchase the unit for your home or office.

Lg Soundbar With Subwoofer

The Lg y 3, 1 channel high res audio sound bar with dts - open box is a splendid way to get the best sound bar experience. With three channels of high-resolution audio, you can easily replace your current sound bar, the surround sound bar 4 speaker system is a first-rate alternative to add some sound to your television with this wireless bt subwoofer. This bar offers four speaker systems so you can add an extra speaker to your television or create a larger listening area, the subwoofer can play sound from an external source or from your phone or computer. The bar can also be used as a tv home theater system or for remote control of your television, the Lg r 4. 1 channel Soundbar with surround sound speakers black is sterling for folks with a large home or office space, it's designed with four surround sound speakers for basic listening in any room. The atmos noise level is low and the sound quality is good, it extends two coaxial microphone inputs and two coaxial mic inputs for rumor presents this product will have a built-in soundcard. The Lg Soundbar 4, 1 channel sound bar with bluetooth streaming surround sound is exquisite for enjoying your music and streaming content with others in your room or group. This sound bar presents four channels of sound so you can create different sound effects or music melodies with your surrounds, plus, the sound bar can control other devices with its associated app, such as a phone or ipad.