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Bose 500 Soundbar

The Bose 500 Soundbar is a sleek, modern sound system that connects to your computer or phone through bluetooth, it includes a front-firing speaker and a rear-firing speaker, so you can easily connect it to your vehicle's audio system. The Soundbar is additionally certified to work with the windows 10 operating system, with the Bose 500 soundbar, you'll get high-quality sound with a modern look.

Soundbars With Google Assistant

These with google assistant can make your living room or bedroom speakers loud and clear, the Bose surround speakers 700 of 834402-1100 are first-class for an admirer who wants to make use of google assistant's louder sounds. The Soundbar with google assistant built in is practical for admirers who covet a fantastic sound when they're around their loved ones, this Soundbar includes a base module and 500 bundle, making it a valuable alternative to enjoy your music played on your phone or computer. The google assistant compatible Soundbar also includes a phone stand to make organization was easy, the Bose Soundbar 500 is a system that includes a base module and Bose it is capable of creating a soundscape that is tailored for each room it is placed in. The can be controlled through the base module, the base module comes with a remote control, which can be used to adjust the volume, turn on and off the and give control of the listening experience. The can also be used as a soundcard fornicating apps, this Bose Soundbar 500 is exceptional for your next party. With its black arc connectivity, you'll be able to power up your tv and hear your friends and family speakers just as if they were in the same room, the small size makes it practical for small spaces, and the sound quality is fantastic.